Experience Japan by making your own “Tsumami” craft!

TSUMAMIDO is “the only one shop” you can learn and experience traditional“Tsumami”.

What is “Tsumami”?

Tsumami is a traditional technique to make petals, flowers, cranes, and etc. for Kanzashi (ornamental hairpins) to go with kimono and itself has long history about 200 years.
Tsumami-Kanzashi is mainly used by young geisha called “Maiko”, or in special occasions such as “Shichigosan” (the seven-five-three festival), “Sejinshiki” (the coming of age ceremony), wedding and etc.
Traditional Tsumami is made from small squares of silk called “Habutae”. By pinching and holding Habutae like an origami with tweezer, each figure is created.

“Tsumami” workshop: (English Instructor available!)
Are you interested in Japanese traditional Tsumami craft?
TSUMAMIDO provides English Tsumami trial workshop throughout a year.

【Details of the workshop】

In the workshop, we introduce the historical kanzashi which you can find only at TSUMAMIDO, traditional tools and materials to make tsumami.

After small lecture, you will try out making accessory by learning two basic techniques, “maru-tsumami” (round type figure) and “ken-tsumami” (sharp pointed figure).

Tsumami is the only traditional technique you can learn and make in one day!

【Tsumami craft】

Activity time: approximately 2hours (depends on participants)
Items: brooch or kanzashi
Price: 3,800yen(tax included)

※Photo is sample

【children’s item: hairpins / magnet】

Qualifying age: For ages 6 and up
*children under 12 will make small accessory making “maru-tsumami”.
Price: 1,000yen (tax included)

※Photo is sample

【Tsumami craft brochure】

(brochure included in the workshop fee)

For reservation:
Contact: e-info@tsumami-do.com with your name, request date and time, and number of participants.

If you need English instruction, check calendar for English Instructor 〉〉

【Photos of workshop】

*Please refrain from reproduction, diversion, resale, or copying placed image without permission.
Thank you for your cooperation in advance.